Start With the Basics
by John Kelley on February 29th, 2024
As advanced a society as we are, we should have a greater understanding of God’s Word and have large quantities stored up in our brains. We have so many tools at our disposal, but we don’t really take advantage of those tools.  Read More
What You Remember Most Matters Most
by John Kelley on February 28th, 2024
When our minds are centered on Christ, we learn how to focus on the things above, and not the things here on Earth. There becomes this sense of urgency to devour anything that we can when it comes to God’s Word and gaining more of His knowledge.  Read More
Do You Have A Game Plan?
by John Kelley on February 27th, 2024
Scripture is light, life-giving, and food for our souls. Without it, we won’t make it in this world. We need to view the word of God like we do air or water. If we go too long without it, we’ll die spiritually, and if that’s the case, we need a plan in place to get our sustenance.  Read More
God’s Word Is A Weapon
by John Kelley on February 26th, 2024
Nowadays, it’s considered an archaic form of teaching by many. Why worry about memorizing scripture when you have the Bible with you all day on your phone? This line of thinking is dangerous.  Read More
A Simple Message
by John Kelley on February 23rd, 2024
Without the blood of the Lamb, we cannot be saved. The Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, is the only way to the Father. Because we have sinned, we need a savior. God sends His only Son to be that Savior. If we believe in Him, we are saved. Is there a more simple message?  Read More
The Great Purge
by John Kelley on February 22nd, 2024
When “things” become so important that we can’t let go of them, we need to step back and take inventory of what’s most important. We need to ask the question, “Why do I need this so badly?” For many of us, we’ll say things like, “I don’t want to be wasteful.” or “I may need this in the future.” The reality is we’re creeping toward idolatry.  Read More
Slow Down
by John Kelley on February 21st, 2024
We want to get that promotion at work so we work a ton of overtime and neglect our families. We get into bad, sedentary habits like watching too much TV and playing too many video games neglecting our health. This is a tough one to say, but we get so involved with our church that we aren’t focusing on our own children enough, and they slip from their faith.  Read More
Only Take What You Need
by John Kelley on February 20th, 2024
God will provide for our needs. When we place our full trust in God, he will take care of us. We shouldn’t fear whether or not our daily needs are being provided. God is very clear about this.  Read More
Let’s Keep It Simple
by John Kelley on February 19th, 2024
We should never find value in what we have. Instead, our value should be in how God values us. He doesn’t value us by the size of our paycheck. He doesn’t puff out his chest when we buy that house we can barely afford. The kind of riches He has for us far outweigh these physical things.  Read More
Four Hands Are Better Than Two
by John Kelley on February 16th, 2024
As we go about our lives, we are to continually seek out opportunities to tell people about the Gospel. He wanted them to help people recognize the sin in their life, and realize the need for a Savior. The kicker is, they were not expected to do this alone.  Read More
Group Conversations With God
by John Kelley on February 15th, 2024
Jesus Christ Himself is there with us when we gather in His name. When we are praying together, the Son of God joins in with us. How amazing is that?  Read More
Breaking Bread Together
by John Kelley on February 14th, 2024
The people we spend the most time with tend to be the people who affect WHO we are the most. It’s no wonder that God would want us around each other in the Church as much as possible.  Read More
Devoted To The Word
by John Kelley on February 13th, 2024
One of the best ways to grow in community with others is to get into the word with a close-knit group of people who will hold each other accountable. The early Church understood this, and that’s why they were growing so rapidly. People are not made to be alone, and there’s an innate need and desire to be in community with others.  Read More
We Need Each Other
by John Kelley on February 12th, 2024
Before there was sin, there was community. Before there was worship, there was community. Before a single song was ever sung to God, before cities, countries, and empires, there was community. God had a plan and community was at the front of it.  Read More
Time Is NOT On My Side
by John Kelley on February 9th, 2024
The best ability we have is availability. When we schedule God out of our day, we can’t expect Him to sit around and wait for us. The Bible isn’t our story. It’s God’s story, and He allows us to play a part in it.  Read More
It's All His Anyway
by John Kelley on February 8th, 2024
In order to be good stewards of what we have, we have to understand that it was never ours to begin with. We are only managing our Father’s property. Everything we have, everything we are, everything we do belongs to God.   Read More
Filling the Need When We See It
by John Kelley on February 7th, 2024
We won’t always just walk up on opportunities. Many times, we need to be searching them out. Look for places to fill needs. Ask someone what’s out there. We should always be willing to be good stewards of our blessings when the moment arrives, but we should also be diligent in looking for ways that God can use our resources.  Read More
Can Stewardship Be Scary?
by John Kelley on February 6th, 2024
Even though our pay for the month was abysmal, we would be fine as long as we continued to trust in God. One of the ways we do that is by being a good steward of what God has given us. Even though we only got $30 that month, we were still going to tithe from it.   Read More
With Great Blessing Comes Great Responsibility
by John Kelley on February 5th, 2024
So we need to decide, “How do I take what God has given me and glorify Him?” Is it through my gifting? Is it through my finances? Is it through my time? What has God given you that is unique to you? There may be a reason why you have that gift.  Read More
God Is Not Santa Claus
by John Kelley on February 2nd, 2024
Are we like that with God? Do we want Him to just be all about us? In our twisted version of God, do we really just want Him to give us our every desire and shut his mouth so He can focus on what we’re saying? I don’t think that’s how God works, and I don’t want Him to.  Read More
We All Need Space
by John Kelley on February 1st, 2024
There was an artistic hand involved in the creation of everything around me. There was an intrinsic beauty that couldn't be explained by a big bang or random evolution. I was in the midst of a masterpiece created by the Master Himself.  Read More
We Make Our Own Noise
by John Kelley on January 31st, 2024
God is a provider. He makes sure our NEEDS are met. We just need to trust him. It's so easy to see what's going on in our lives and think that God just isn't there. Let me assure you. God is there. He's never left.   Read More
Jesus Sneaks Off
by John Kelley on January 30th, 2024
Jesus understands the human mind. He was human. He understands how easy it can be to get distracted. He knows how hard it is to keep focus when there's a whole lot of crazy going on around us. He also knows that His Father deserves our attention. All of it.   Read More
God Is NOT In The Fire
by John Kelley on January 29th, 2024
As disciples of Christ, it's beyond important for us to slow down and simply be quiet. Finding times throughout our days and weeks can be difficult, but they are needed. We need to tune out the noise and focus on God.  Read More