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Outlaw 1

Apr 7, 2024    Jon Welch

Pastor Jon Welch's sermon, part of the "Outlaw" series, delves deep into the miracles performed by Jesus Christ. With a keen focus on trust and faith, Pastor Welch presents two healing miracles from the book of John, the healing of a royal official’s son in Cana and a paralyzed man's healing at the pool of Bethesda. He emphasizes the illustrated power of Jesus' words and the transformative nature of faithful faith, underlining that trust in God goes beyond intellectual understanding and into action. Closer analysis of these miracles further emphasizes the need for an authentic relationship with Jesus. The sermon brings to attention the pattern of seeking benefits of faith without the true companionship of the savior. The faithful are thus encouraged to introspect and question their loyalty and faith, reassessing whether their pursuit is towards personal gains or founded on genuine faith. The sermon also amplifies the importance of faith in God's words, even when they don't match our expectations. Readers are reminded to take a lesson from the official and the paralyzed man's trust in Jesus' words without the need for physical evidence, reinforcing faith in His promises as for our good. Pastor Welch ties up the sermon with a perspective on eternity, offering comfort that the trials of this life are transient in the face of eternal life promised by Christ.