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Enough Is Enough
by John Kelley on March 15th, 2024
If the human body doesn’t prove that there has to be a God, I’m not sure what else does. It is the most intricate of creations. Everything works within systems to keep your health running optimally. Each organ works to provide for the rest of the body. It isn’t an accident.  Read More
Share The Load
by John Kelley on March 14th, 2024
We try to keep such a breakneck pace going that we eventually crash and burn. We tell ourselves we can handle it, but we know that’s not true. We start to get short with the ones we love out of frustration. We drop the ball on things that we can’t keep up with. We begin losing relationships with people we care about because we don’t have the time to invest in the relationship. We’re a bunch of control freaks who want to have control of our time but find ourselves losing control because of it.  Read More
Do You Lent?
by John Kelley on March 13th, 2024
If we are truly wanting to identify with Christ, then we need to realize that, when we entered into the waters of baptism, we were putting to death the old self and coming out a new creation. We are now no longer about ourselves. We are to live as though Christ Himself is making our decisions. Our desires need to become His desires. Our love should be like His.  Read More
Do We Fast Poorly?
by John Kelley on March 12th, 2024
We allow ourselves to be led by our stomachs, our eyes, and our desires far too much, and we lose focus on what is right in front of us. God sees a much bigger picture than we do, and He’s leading us by His Holy Spirit to greater things than what we see ourselves doing.  Read More
Sometimes, You Just Abstain
by John Kelley on March 11th, 2024
As fellow believers, we need to urge each other on to a holier way of living and build each other up.  Read More