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We Can't Do It Alone
by John Kelley on May 9th, 2024
Discipleship isn’t a program we do. It’s pouring ourselves into people.  Read More
You Play To Win The Game
by John Kelley on May 7th, 2024
Many would see following Christ as the easiest part of being a disciple, but it may be the hardest, and it is definitely the most pivotal.  Read More
Catch Some Fish
by John Kelley on May 6th, 2024
Discipleship is not a program. It’s not a “6 months and move on” kind of thing. It took Jesus three years to train the disciples, and He was the Son of God.  Read More
The Heart Of Service
by John Kelley on March 29th, 2024
Our service has an end goal. We are to make disciples. Our service has one source. That is Christ Jesus. Our service comes from one place, worship. When the day comes that we finally get to receive the very thing we have lived our lives for and our hope is made complete, worship will still be there.  Read More
Disciples Are Made, Not Grown
by John Kelley on March 28th, 2024
A disciple is easily broken down as someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus and is committed to the mission of Jesus. Notice, that there are no Bible College degrees in there. There’s nothing about putting in years of service. It doesn’t say that you have to have half the Bible memorized. Instead, we are to go, share, and do life.  Read More
by John Kelley on March 22nd, 2024
A passion that is led by sin though; perverted sexuality, greed, power, and jealousy can also attract us to what we think is warmth, but those fires burn out of control. We suddenly find ourselves burning up with our sin and it’s killing us spiritually.  Read More
Love First
by John Kelley on March 21st, 2024
It’s not a suggestion to love. It’s a command. If we are to love like Jesus did, we will find ourselves in some very unenviable situations. There will be times of discomfort. Awkwardness will happen often. Yet, despite all of that, when we learn to love like Christ, we see people differently.   Read More
Stories Matter
by John Kelley on March 20th, 2024
Our testimony is a powerful thing. People who do not read the Bible will rarely be impressed by your knowledge of scripture. They definitely won’t be moved by it. Your testimony, however, the story of how God rescued you and brought you out of death and into life, that story will move them.  Read More
Let Their No Be No
by John Kelley on March 19th, 2024
The cost of discipleship is great. If you’ve been a believer for any significant time, you know this. To ask someone to be willing to give up their life as they know it and follow after Christ is a huge decision, and it’s one that each person needs to make for themselves. Unfortunately, many people will never get that chance, because someone makes that decision for them without them even knowing.   Read More
Why Should We Go?
by John Kelley on March 18th, 2024
It’s obvious that Jesus wanted us to tell the world about Him and His Father, but what does that look like for us today? I would dare say if we took Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8 to heart, we would get a very clear picture of what God has called us to do.  Read More