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Our Sacrifice Is Nothing....
by John Kelley on May 20th, 2024
God loves His creation so much that even the sacrifice of His own Son wasn’t off the table when it came to redemption. We are the fortunate recipients of a gift we’ve never earned or deserved.  Read More
The Mob
by John Kelley on April 25th, 2024
How can we play prosecutor if we are guilty as well? We all want grace when it comes to our sin, but are we willing to extend that to others?  Read More
I Was Wrong, You Were Right
by John Kelley on April 24th, 2024
Most sin starts with selfishness. I want what I want, and I don’t want to wait for what I want. When self becomes our biggest motivator, we can convince ourselves that everything we do is fine as long as it makes us happy.   Read More
Grace Is Free, But It Isn't Cheap
by John Kelley on April 23rd, 2024
We hold our leaders to a different standard, and we absolutely should. However, there is no one who is without sin. There is no one who can say they’ve lived the perfect life.  Read More
I Forgive You
by John Kelley on April 22nd, 2024
God’s grace is more accessible than we can possibly understand, but we need to understand that it is very, very real. God chose to give it to us even though we don’t deserve it.  Read More
Redemption Has A Price
by John Kelley on April 9th, 2024
Our redemption is not a short story. It’s not a quick read, a YouTube short, or a TikTok. It is a layered story that took generations and millennia to happen. Along the way, there have been challenges, battles, and death. There have also been numerous victories, but understand that our redemption has come at a price.  Read More
The Beauty of Redemption
by John Kelley on April 8th, 2024
Sometimes, we get so caught up in the idea of a “free gift” that we miss the fact that our redemption calls us to action. We aren’t to sit on our hands and just revel in our salvation. Once we have been redeemed, we are then called. That’s the beauty of the cross. The cross doesn’t just give us eternal hope; it gives us purpose.  Read More