Day 14

Day 14

As Jesus and His followers leave Samaria and head back to Galilee, the news about Him has already reached the people and the talk in all Israel is about the new prophet on the scene–Jesus of Nazareth. As His hometown tries to sort through their emotions about who Jesus really is and how they could have missed it, Jesus makes His way a little north, to the town of Cana. Remember Cana? Jesus had been there several months ago and had revealed His glory to His family and first followers at the wedding. Why was He going back to this town? What would he do this time? Lets see!

Read John 4:43-54;Luke 4:14-15

What do we know about this Royal official?

How many different people did Jesus impact through this miracle?

What do you see as the primary lesson of this passage?

As Jesus returns to the district of Galilee, word of His outburst at the temple during the Passover has already sparked the interest of the people. They are waiting with great expectancy for what He will do as He returns home. News must have reached the large city of Capernaum, where it encountered a family suffering deeply as they watched their son slowly dying.

I can only imagine the pain that this royal family experienced as doctor after doctor told them that all their money could not bring their son back to health. There was nothing more they, as doctors, could do; the rest was in the hands of the gods. They had all but lost hope when news about a prophet of the Jews reached their ears. We believe this royal family was Roman; living in the large city of Capernaum working for the government of Rome. We do not know for sure, but we do know they are hurting and at the end of their own ability to help their son. They will try anything. Could this new prophet help their dying child? Put yourself in this family’s shoes.

Jesus makes His way back to the city of Cana, possibly to check on the newlyweds. Remember the last time he was in Cana, He was attending a wedding. Who’s wedding? Some believe it may have been the wedding of one of His family. Remember Mary, His mother, had the inside scoop about the details of the wedding, maybe it was because it was the wedding of one of her daughters? Who knows? But, for whatever reason we an be sure that Jesus returned to Cana because it was God’s will. Jesus is very clear about this. Throughout His life, Jesus says time and again that He speaks and moves about, not of His own initiative, but as the Father directs (John 8:28-29). He is living by faith and working off the Father’s master plan.

Meanwhile, this royal official makes his way from Capernaum in hopes that Jesus will come with him and heal his son. How does this man know Jesus can heal people? How many people has Jesus healed at this point in His ministry? Thats right–none! Yet, this man is desperate. Parents who have an ill child will do anything to help the child. What I don’t want you to miss here is the incredible faith of this man. He did not know if Jesus would come back with him to help his son or even if Jesus was able to heal at all. Yet when Jesus says, “‘You may go. Your son will live’” (John 4:50), the man believed Jesus and obeyed. What is that? That, my fired, is faith. Faith is taking Jesus at His word, believing him and then acting in obedience upon what he has said. You see it  here in a real-life example, the faith that Jesus so wanted us, His followers, to grasp. This man displayed a faith that pleased God. The result of his faith was not only that his son was physically healed, but also that he and his whole family believed in the person and work of Jesus (John 4:53).

Are you willing to take Jesus at His word, obey what he has said and live it out  (2 Corinthians 5:7)?

Jesus moved through life in humble submission to the will of the Father, always in obedience to His father in heaven. Jesus lived by faith. We know this because without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6) and Jesus always pleased the Father (John 8:29). How about you? Are you living by faith or by sight?

What is one time you can look back and say "Ah, yes... There was this time when I had to live by faith and not sight...."

Would you share it below? Its so helpful for us to share our testimonies of Gods faithfulness! 


Nellie Parker - January 19th, 2023 at 6:14am

The first of last year I went thru Covid had three eye surgeries my family was attacked by my neighbors dogs I had shoulder surgery due to it I realize that Jesus walked with me hand in hand every step of the way how grateful am I it will never be enough but I’m still working on it Thankyou Jesus and Hin for this study keep up the good work

Emily McCauley - January 19th, 2023 at 6:39am

I have three that stand out to me, my marriage, tithing and trying to have a baby.

For years my marriage was a major struggle but the power of prayer, the Lord has truly transformed my husband. He is a changed person and we have a Godly marriage. Still working on it daily but it’s something early on that I had to give to the Lord and have faith he was going to do something because I couldn’t change my husband. I just had to work on myself and my relationship with Jesus.

At 20, I started tithing and it could be so hard to give up that 10 percent but I had faith to obey God’s word. WOW, what he has done because of that faith is unbelievable. We have to have faith that God can do way more with what we give, then what we keep. We just have to have faith to start and stick with it and I promise, HE WILL SHOW UP. It’s so freeing!!! Thank you, Jesus

Lastly, we were married for a few years and weren’t able to get pregnant and I just told the Lord, maybe we aren’t meant to have babies and if not that is your will and I will be okay with it. Once, it was released to Him, we got pregnant, had a miscarriage but I knew the Lord had a plan. Now we have 4 kids! Praise God!!!! It was just timing and it worked out so much more than my plan. We are so much more wiser now, than we were then. I know that it doesn’t always end like this but the Lord has a plan for everyone.

A little faith goes a long way. We have to just keep praying His will and asking him to help our unbelief.

Amanda Welch - January 19th, 2023 at 7:41am

There have been a few times in the past 4 years that I have prayed about closing my business. The last time I was in the middle of a closeout sale. I prayed that if God could still use me, that He open a door. And he did! I knew He wasn’t finished with me yet. He has blessed me since and I continue to trust he will make a way each day. God is so good! 🙌🏻 even if my business fails one day- He will never fail me! ❤️

Mark Hudson - January 19th, 2023 at 7:54am

Several years ago I was facing surgery due to a very large polyp in my large intestines. The doctor informed me that it could or could not be cancer. I was facing a partial colectomy at the least or removal of a large portion of my colon at the worse. I was very, very scared.

The week of the surgery I prayed to God. I told him of my fear. I told him it was all up to him. It was in his hands. As soon as my prayer was done a peace came over me that I had never felt before. The fear and stress just left me. I believe that God was telling me it would be alright no matter what the outcome of the surgery. I truly believe God provided both physical and spiritual healing at that point. It's been seven years since that event. I believe God has plans for me and is still working on me.

Larry - January 19th, 2023 at 8:46am

Man the numerous times, it shames me at times when i am frozen in fear of things i cannot see with my earthly eyes, thats why (my) faith Has to be exercised Daily.

I worked for a big land development company many years ago had just purchased my first home, a young pregnant wife, I was running a several million dollar project which had some huge liquidated damages coming down and was called into iur lawyers firm to prepare a testimony and eas asked to be dishonest on the stand knowing i would loose a very Goid job i told them i couldn't and why, the next day i got called into the kwners office and had to explain myself, They all were amazed at what I said and sent me back to work, and actually got a promotion 2 weeks later!

We had been trying to get pregnant a second time and afer much suffering from miscarriges, doctors, etc. We had exhausted all avenues and started talking and going through adoption procees this was about a 2 to 3 year struggle, I was in a Experiencing Gid study in Abrahams life and The Lord revealed to me he was preparing me to be a Real Father and Husband, I was on my knees by my bed praying and Joni walked into my room and she had a pregnancy test in her hand and it was the beginning of our second son of our four children, It shakes my Soul, I could share many more of these and we all should. To God's Glory!

Denise - January 19th, 2023 at 8:54am

Thank you Emily that was powerful. I also have a couple. One of the first sermons I heard after being born again was on the tithe. I was cheap, stingy and selfish. But God has turned me into a giver. We lived in a small trailer and I felt like God said get ready to move the interest rates were at 14%. Larry said what do you think they are going to come down. I said God can. I packed as much as possible. One year later the interest rates came down to 7.5 percent. We moved into a house.

Also while working on the horse farm, I was picking a fillies hoof she jerked my arm hard 3 times. For the next 9 months I was in pain, but I believed the word that I was healed because of Jesus. Long story short Went to church one night a lady prayed for me and I wasn’t even thinking about my arm. As I was driving home I realized the pain was gone. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He loves me, He healed me.

I’m so grateful for Jesus

Julie Tackett - January 19th, 2023 at 5:18pm

Matthew and I married in 1997 and we began our first of ten moves with the Air Force. This was over a ten year period with assignments as long as 2 1/2 years and as short as three months. Each set of orders would bring enormous trepidation for me. But each and every time God’s providence and love for us shone a light onto a path made easy. Cozy houses, perfect schools for our girls, and most of all, welcoming church congregations were waiting for us at every single assignment. He also carried me through two of Matthew’s deployments and a miscarriage while we were living overseas that I never could have survived without Him.

Thank you, Jesus.

Terry power - January 20th, 2023 at 9:22am

Many times with bills, changing jobs , and family. Bought a house and got laid off the same day. Never missed a payment. God takes care of those who love him.

Millie - January 22nd, 2023 at 11:01pm

My story is more current, it’s one of my biggest prayers - I want my family back together, we have been split for about 15 years, BUT I know that the Lord will heal it. My story doesn’t have an ending yet, but I still feel encouragement when I pray about it. I was given a golden nugget when I saw a few birthday wishes on Facebook, so I will take that and run with it!