Day 9

Day 9- Wedding Party

After you have challenged your family and friends to come and check out Jesus, you must begin to explain to them what the Bible says about Him. You must tell them who He is. There is a lot that the Bible says about who Jesus is, so where do you begin? We learned yesterday that Jesus began where the people were, where they would best understand, and he used the Bible- the Word of God. Let’s see where He goes from there with the first group of “Christ-followers”.

Read John 2:1-11

What can we see as Jesus’ priorities from this passage?

What is unique about this miracle?

When Mary says, “Do whatever he tells you”, Why is this great advice from any parent? Do you think Mary was expecting a miracle? Why or why not?

There are some key truths about Jesus that must be understood by his followers. Jesus will spend the next three years of His life revealing to His followers the truth of who He is. There are many things that he will reveal, each in its own time.

One of the things that Jesus revealed yesterday to His first disciples was His deity and his humanity. Did you pick up on the phrases? Andrew says to Peter: “We have found the Messiah (that is the Christ)" (John 1:41). Here we see Jesus’ deity revealed through the use of the world “Messiah”. Then Philip says to Nathaniel, “‘We have found the one whom Moses wrote about in the Law, and about whom the prophets also wrote- Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph” (John 1:45) The phrase shouts that Jesus is a real person, with a real family, from a real town in Israel.

Jesus challenges them to “follow me”. They follow and get to meet Jesus’ family! I imagine them getting a chance to embrace Jesus’ mother, shake hands with His brothers and offer a kiss of greeting to His sisters. Can you see Jesus’ display of humanity here? He shows that he is fully man. But, then He displays His diety in a supernatural act. He saves the wedding by turning water into wine. Why? Look back at verse 11 for the answer. It says this was His first sign and he did to manifest His glory. His disciples began to believe that He was who He said He was. They already had believed, but now some of their beliefs were being confirmed. Can you see that as they grew in their knowledge and experience with Jesus that they grew in their faith?

Their ability to trust Jesus deepened the more they got to know Him. By getting to meet his actual family and by witnessing His first miracle, they were able to see firsthand His humanity and deity. That is the fort root- Jesus’ humanity and deity, the one who is God and Man at the same time.

So often we confuse Jesus with Clark Kent (aka Superman). We think of Jesus as having super human powers... much different than us, which allows us to excuse our failings. "Well, I'm only Human.... I'm not Jesus", we cry out.

But, as we will make the case in the days ahead, Jesus never dipped into his divinity to live out his humanity. Read that again.  This will come up several times throughout our study. But for now, know this...

Jesus is fully human, made like us in EVERY WAY (Heb 2:17). Unfortunately, we are fallen human. In other words, we aren't fully human... we're fallen human!

"But...What about this miracle? Jesus clearly did miracles.... we can't". Okay But soon Jesus' disciples will do miracles.... and its not because they are divine!  (Acts 3:1-10)

So far we have discovered four roots that Jesus is planting in His first followers as He seeks to establish them in this new movement of multiplication. Did you pick them up?

Jot down the first four roots:


The closer those earlier followers got to Jesus, the more they learned about the truth of who He was. It is the same for us today. “Come near to God and he will come near to you” (James 4:8) Take some time to draw near to Him.

John points out,

"This, the first of his signs, Jesus did at Cana in Galilee, and manifested his glory. And his disciples believed in him." John 2:11

Is your belief in Jesus growing as you come to know him more?

Thy sharing with someone who needs to go deeper with Jesus. Challenge them to join you in answering the call to “Follow me”.


Amanda Welch - January 12th, 2023 at 7:33am

I love that our simple obedience is the groundwork for our faith that leads to the blessings and miracles of God! What a great reminder that if Jesus says it- we should do it!

Also love seeing Jesus welcome people into his personal life, we tend to think that we should just hang out at church or events, but we should be opening our homes to our church family, and doing life together!

Love this!

Larry - January 12th, 2023 at 8:45am

This passage of scripture i believe is a true picture of our God's True nature, not only in power and omnipotence, but His compassion and love for people, i dont think, could be wrong, but this was a spur of the moment act of love and compassion, "My hour has not yet come" if we can go to our neighbors with this kind of compassion and love true agape love our message will hold much more power and the folks that hear are likely to respond with a desire to go and see.

Emily McCauley - January 12th, 2023 at 12:00pm

I love how Mary comes to Jesus because she obviously had already seen him do things that she knew were from God. To ask him to do something about them running out of wine, she had seen something.

He says, “woman, why you asking me this?”

Yet, his mom tells the servants, “do whatever he says.” lol. It’s like she expected Him to take care of.